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Here at UWEC, it is easy to find a party where alcohol is provided to underage drinkers.There is also not much else to do in Eau Claire, unless one has access ...The Drinking Age: An 18-Year-Olds Right Ever since the end of prohibition in 1933 the United States government has placed the issue of MLDA (minimum legal drinking age) sensitively in the hands of the states, letting each decide for itself what the minimum age should be.

The Drinking Age: Legal Age Should Be 18 The legal drinking age in all states should be eighteen.

First, the problems and costs associated with underage drinking might be alleviated.

With fraternity parties and surprisingly undescriminatory admittance to campus bars, underage ... While the college years are a time for exploration and experimentation, consuming mass quantities of alcohol on a regular basis can have extremely detrimental long term effects to a person's body.

Binge drinking is an often overlooked problem on college campuses.

Second, studies show that alcohol is easily obtained, and most eighteen- year-olds who do so drink sensibly.

Next, Louisiana's experiments with lowering the drinking age to eighteen show no ...

Minimum Drinking Age - 1998 Current Situation The current minimum drinking age is 20 years.

There are a number of exceptions, however, that permit 18 year olds and younger people to drink in many situations.

Some researchers the effectiveness of a federally imposed drinking age.

A lot of underage adults are kept out of some social activities ...


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