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However, they are able to express themselves in one language.The children who can fall in thus category are basically those who have had a very big introduction to a second language as they grow in their lives but have had rare opportunities to use the language.These children have a higher possibility of to make better progress in English when they enter preschool as their receptive.

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Research on these effects has mainly been done by using two major contexts of education.

They are submersion and transitional bilingual and the immersion programmes.

This is the situation for the people who develop to bilinguals in their adult years.

It does also count to those who become bilingual earlier in life.

It has been found out that submersion has negative effects on the personal development of the young minority children.

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This is done by eliminating their very important first language.

The most major factor that differentiates the two factors is a social in kind.

In the case of subtractive bilingualism, it can be illustrated by a smaller number of children who have to adapt to a new language, as it is the culture.

In fact, they are quite uncomfortable using the language.

A good example is the immigrant children from Mexico, China and Spanish households who only hear the English on television, on streets, in stores, barbershops but still use their home language in their daily communication.


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