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These are all topics that are researched by new mothers seeking more information on how to care for an infant.Breastfeeding is strongly recommended and has been proven to improve an infant’s immune system (Benaroch, 2013).Having at least a basic idea of how to care for an infant will make you feel more confident when the time comes.

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Newborns cry often for the first three months and can cry for up to two hours per day.

Colic is different from normal crying and usually at the same time of day or at night.

If you have a boy, and chose to circumcise him, the circumcision site should heal in about a week (Healthwise Staff, 2011).

For the first few weeks of an infant’s life, he/she will only need a sponge bath two to three times a week Benaroch, 2012).

These scores will remain separate and will not be combined with your Reading or Writing and Language Test scores.

The scores you receive on the SAT Essay will give you important feedback about your strengths in reading: how well you understood the passage; analysis: how well you analyzed the author’s argument; and writing: how well you structured your response.

To prevent a baby's skin from irritation, wash clothes, bedding, and blankets using a fragrance and dye-free detergent (Benaroch, 2013).

The umbilical cord usually falls off and heals in about one to two weeks as long as it’s kept clean and dry (Healthwise Staff, 2013).

Advice topics that are often sought out by new mothers include breastfeeding/bottle feeding, infant sleep patterns, umbilical cord care, fussy infants, diaper rash, and bathing an infant (Sink, 2009, p. We will cover these important topics and many more throughout this paper.

How do you know if you are ready to care for a newborn?


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