Essays For Kindergarten Students

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Ask questions that relate to your interests: Is there a dance group, because our family really enjoys going to ballets on weekends. The prevailing wisdom states that not only is it unhelpful and wrong to try to give your precious little one a leg up on his classmates, but it’ll come back to bite you where it hurts.

Playgrounds are rife with stories of 4-year-olds blurting out, I’ve done this before, at the test.

But it’s challenging to ask about it at the interview.

Avoid bragging of any kind, and don’t make any claims for your child unless you can absolutely, positively back them up.

And for God’s sake, don’t mention money, advises Uhry.

What’s the best way to talk to an admissions officer?

Child experts, from psychologists to educators, warn against outright coaching but say there’s nothing wrong with helping your daughter work on the skills she’ll need to use on the ERBs.

The abilities testedpattern recognition, comprehension, vocabularyare skills parents should be stimulating in their children from the time they open their eyes, says Dr. In other words, there’s prepping, and there’s Prepping. Giving your child advance exposure to the kinds of things he’ll be doing or asked in the interviews is perfectly fine, as long as it’s done gently and with your support and assurance, Dr. Though most schools won’t hold it against you if you promise your kid an ice cream afterward for playing nice, they don’t take kindly to advising your kid not to tell anyone about it.

I also wanted to impress her because every time I did, I would be happily awarded with either a beautiful sticker, or a mouthwatering piece of candy.

For me, this was the beauty of kindergarten, and it couldn’t get any better.


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