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Washington: DC The Association Ashcroft R, et al (2009) “Prenatal diagnosis and abortion for congenital abnormalities”. 48-56 Ballantyne A, et al (2009) “Prenatal diagnosis and abortion for congenital abnormalities: is it ethical to provide one without other? [email protected]&vid=11 (accessed on 10 November 2010) Belshaw C(1997) “Abortion, value and sanctity of life”. 130-1150 Bitler M, et al (2002) “Did abortion legalization reduce the number of unwanted children? [online] Available at: on 28 January 2011) Brown M (2000) “The morality of abortion and the deprivation of futures”. 103-7 Canadian Code of Ethics (2009) “Nursing code of ethics: Guidelines for making ethical decision making”.[online] Available at: (accessed on 5 January 2011) Card R (2000) “Infanticide and the liberal view of abortion”. 341-51 Department of Health (2001c) “Seeking consent working with people with learning disabilities”. In some places ethical imperatives coincide with public policy and /or practice, while in other places they diverge.

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Parents are going away from their responsibilities for their children as well as their partners.

With the existence of legal abortion thousands of children have lost their lives at the hands of doctors.

Every abortion is a human tragedy for the child and for its mother. Every child is an individual with its own future to respect.

Abortion is a major social injustice, directed at those who are most vulnerable.

Is the fetus a human person and, thus, should be protected? Is there any morally relevant break along the biological process of development from the unicellular zygote to birth?

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This list of questions is not meant to be exhaustive, but it describes the issues of the following analysis.Strategies will then need to focus on self esteem and reducing the idealization of pregnancy as a solution to general life dissatisfaction to gain positive carrier.Health care professional should be motivated to raise the ethical issues of in their practices for social justice and equity through successful educational programmes through out their carrier.The ethical status of abortion will remain controversial for the foreseeable future.Restrictive abortion law deserve greater attention. School based educational programmes and availability of contraceptive are more important to help in reduce the teenage abortions.One of the most important issues in biomedical ethics is the controversy surrounding abortion.This controversy has a long history and is still heavily discussed among researchers and the public—both in terms of morality and in terms of legality.The central legal aspect of the abortion conflict is whether fetuses have a basic legal right to live, or, at least, a claim to live.The most important argument with regard to this conflict is the potentiality argument, which turns on whether the fetus is potentially a human person and thus should be protected.To face the complexity of bioethical issues public appreciation can also play a pivotal role in the modern society.American Nurses Association (1997) “Position statement on cultural diversity in nursing practice”. [email protected]&vid=10 (accessed on 10th January 2011) British Medical Association (2007) “The laws and ethics of abortion”.


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