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I think that the system also trains the selfdiscipline and means of giving a little bit of freedom.

The students will have to be disciplined enough in order to get work done in class, and if they they will have to face consequences such as bad grades or having more work to be completed in their own time.

Many teachers have a list of students that have been caught before and will keep a closer eye on those on the list.

The monitoring system may not prevent all misuses of the personal laptops but will stop most of them.

Prior to this, there was no such thing as computer customization.

You bought it the way it was built and a rush delivery service straight to the customers. Christian Academy in Japan (CAJ) is one school which has taken a big step into making more technology available to its students. Martin Simpson ENC 1101 2 October 2015 Laptop Program In this age of technological advancements, many schools are integrating technology into their curriculums.The program was started in order to reach the goal of a rich resource of technology for the use of students and The program started with a distribution of personal laptops for the Senior Class.Then, as the years have gone , it has expanded to the Junior and Sophomore Classes.The goal of providing students a resource of is achieved through the program Usage The personal laptop is for schoolwork and that is the only purpose it should be used for during school hours. However, many students take advantage of having a personal laptop and use it for gaming, watching videos or anything else that is not school related. He started to take apart the Apple Computer to get acquainted to the heart of the computers.Then it dawned on him that he can sell computers directly to the customer without the unnecessary middleman so he can keep the production cost low.According to the school website, student laptops will be configured to allow Since the students know that not all of the laptops can be monitored at once, they risk the chance of being caught and get off task during class. Students often will be caught and the teacher will give them a warning.


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