Essays About The Dead Poets Society

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After listening to the ideas of John Keating, one of the boys, Neil Perry, discovers his true passion.He realizes that he is an actor and decides to pursue it while still in school.Then come along a different (either good or bad) idea to change how things are originally done.

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However, after the parents discover the secret, he feels trapped and commits suicide.

This indicates that negative outcomes can be experienced when individual ideas and pursuits prevail against the norms.

In the end, Keating is betrayed by everyone and thus expelled from the school.

Indeed, individualism is explored in the Dead Poet Society movie by showing that both the negative and positive results can be experienced when people act individually.

Almost everyone is conforming to that tradition since it is the "best" way people know on how to do things.

Essays About The Dead Poets Society

Not everybody may be happy but the familiarity that the tradition brings provides comfort and security.

He introduces new ways of teaching, thus disrupting the traditional and conservative values in the school.

He wills for the students to have better political and moral quality, which informs his decision to use progressive ways of teaching.

In the process, the students discover that John Keating is a member of dead poets society, and joins him. In the end, the movie is able to extensively explore the idea of individualism.

Some of the characters in the story pursue their individual goals and face the different consequences.


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