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They don't have to be pretty sentences - just get the stuff down on the page.

The most important thing when freewriting is to keep your pen (or fingers, if you're typing) in constant motion, no matter what.

Now, this method may sound like a waste of time at first, but many people use freewriting to keep the wheels turning in the writing process.

It's a lot like brainstorming, but this time, give yourself a set amount of time to freewrite, and then sit down and write whatever comes to mind, in full sentences.

If not, keep brainstorming and turning things over in your head, and as you do so, try looking at the topic from new, fresh angles.

Freewriting is another way to get your brain going and the ideas flowing.

Today, educators and the College Board are putting a stronger emphasis on the skill of essay writing than ever before.

The College Board is responding to the message that colleges are giving them: "High school students must improve their writing skills!

In this version, each of the Roman numerals stands for a different paragraph; the paragraphs all have their own topics.

The lettered and numbered phrases represent all the stuff that should go in the paragraphs.


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