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It can be seen that with the advance of civilization man has learnt more and more to dispense with the sword.The infant years of human civilization witnessed the welding of sword by men of his livelihood.First, I will let you go abroad to continue your education.

During the last four years, I received a number of marriage proposals but I rejected them all.

Most wanted me to stop my studies and never work outside the home.

Please, leave my house and never come back again.”I was in my last days of school when my father died.

When I lost him, I lost my shadow, but he left me with his words and advice and books. Mom’s salary was the equivalent of $25, which was not enough. Half my salary was for my studies and half went for house expenses.

Moreover in the epigram pen is mightier than the sword.

The pen is symbolic of the conscience of humanity and the sward of exploitation and oppression.

Hence it is only natural that the pen should triumph over the sword.

The history of mankind holds an eloquent testimony to this.

Right from the American Revolution, up to the Russian Revolution, all the great Revolutions of the world were preceded by an intellectual revolution. The Golden age in cultural activities of all countries was attained during times of peace.

However, there have always been men blind to these trends of history.


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