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Children are being exploited as labourers both by organised and unorganized sectors of industry.The rights of the children are being abused specially in developing countries.Child labour cannot be eliminated unless there is free, universal and compulsory primary education.

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In spite of having Acts, rules and regulations, child labour still is a curse and is spreading every day, every hour and every passing minute. In India, there is a parallel economy where the rich get richer and the poor become poorer.

Poverty also plays an important role in the uprise of child labour in India.

He is popularly known as the Father of the Nation ( India).

No doubt, poverty is dreadful violence but something associated with it which makes it worse is Child Labour.

Official figures indicate that there are over 1.2 crore child workers in India, but many NGO’s claims that the real number of child labour in India is up to 6 crores.

Various campaigns against child labour confirm that India has more than 1.26 crores of child labour of which Uttar Pradesh alone holds 19 Lakhs whereas Delhi follows with 10 Lakhs.India is ranked among the top 5 countries that are highly indulged in the swamp of Child labour. Child labour is the practice of engaging children of below 14 years to any type of economic activity either part time or full time.According to the rules and regulation, no child would engage in any economic activity except he or she helping her family during vacations or after the schools hours.There are many other states leading in child labour in India namely Rajasthan, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra.Mainly, the children are forced to work at a very low and cheap wage rate.All this punishment and penalties are for the person who indulges children’s into work.In the case of adolescents, the employer can be fined from Rs.All the quote images on child labour belong to poetry by dead.Irrespective of gender, caste and religion every child deserves to be in a classroom instead of working in factories and on streets.According to reports and studies, more than 3.1 crore children contribute to India’s workforce, which makes it the highest in the world.As the law says, at daytime, the children are not allowed to work for more than 6 hours which includes a break of one hour after the interval of 3 hours whereas at night work and overtime is prohibited.


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