Essay The Best Thing I Have Learned In School

Essay The Best Thing I Have Learned In School-12
Playing outside is one of the first ways the adults in our life encourage us to exercise.Spending free time exploring nature has a huge impact on a child’s health, according to journalist and author Richard Louv.

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It was important that adults reached out to us as younger children in order to help us develop and understand the world.

At a young age we were taught how to share and be respectful of others.

When we are little, our parents instilled in our minds that we need to stay in school.

For children who would rather be playing games, it’s hard to fully understand why getting an education is important.

Children who share also learn how to take turns and negotiate, and how to cope with disappointment.” When we were taught to share, we learned to be respectful of others.

Sharing encourages kind phrases like “please” and “thank you,” as well as other good manners that translate into adulthood. Children learn to wait until others are done talking to begin speaking and how to listen to their peers and adults.

Operation Warm has made it their priority to allow every child to explore the outdoors even when the weather is too cold.

As we grew into toddlers and became more independent, the adults in our life allowed us to become our own person.

Operation Warm wants children to experience the joys of playing outside all year round.

When the winter weather sets in, children quickly learn that playing outside is just not possible without a warm coat.


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