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On the other hand, if there is no such goal set, you may take an entire month to finish a book because there is nothing that is giving you the direction to complete this task.

My life experienced constant twists and turns ever since the third grade. In that fateful year, my Dad lost his job, we lost a car, and then we even lost our house.

For years and years to come, I watched my parents frequently struggle to pay the rent, the bills, and sometimes even for food. We moved again and again, often because we could not afford to pay the rent at the previous house we lived at.

An individual can have all the wealth as well as potential in the world but without focus and goal, they are simply leading a non- existent life where there is no zest for achieving new things.

Until and unless you have a goal in your life, there is nothing to focus onto.

Accountants are paid well enough to ensure having more than enough to pay for all of my expenses and then some.

I even plan to get my Masters degree and to pass the CPA examination, further ensuring my financial stability.Goals give you motivation in times of distress, providing you with comforting thoughts of a much brighter future weeks, months, and even years down the line.In my case, goals gave me the courage to move on through my daily life despite constant negativity.Goals that we set for the future also allow us to measure our progress with time.For instance, if you have set a goal to finish reading a book within a week, every time when you will read the book, you will have an idea about how many pages you have read so far, which is definitely a measure of your progress.Thinking about a better future made it much easier to get through the negativity of my childhood. I believe in not only setting goals, but achieving them as well. You must constantly put in the work and the effort necessary to achieve your goals.In order to achieve my goals, I worked hard in school to get good grades and still do.My goals and my desire to achieve those goals keep me going strong when times get rough.I believe that success is achieved by setting and pursuing goals.With plans that we have made for our future or goals that we have set, we have something to look forward to in life and it helps us in staying healthy both physically as well as mentally.With the urge to achieve their set goals in life, people are often seen experimenting with new things so as to grow as well as prosper along with.


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