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The conclusion should tie together the essay reiterating the validity of the thesis based on the aforementioned points.A good conclusion wraps up your viewpoint on what respect for the property of others is and why it is important. Re-read your entire report, making any edits and correcting any typos.


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Prepare a piece of paper and pen or pencil to take notes.

Research specific words in the title of the report you are writing and gather notes.

Review your notes and formulate a thesis statement for your paper.

A thesis statement is a sentence that encompasses the ultimate message and viewpoint reflected in your paper. The body of the essay should contain at least three paragraphs, each exploring different points regarding your thesis.Other uses include conversion of row crop land to production of drought-tolerant forages, the restoration of wildlife habitat or the use of agro forestry to minimize the impacts of salinity and high water tables.Another way in which agriculture affects water resources is through the destruction of riparian habitats within watersheds.This j diversity will enhance natural ecosystems and could aid in agricultural pest management.Respect is a feeling of appreciation or admiration towards an individual, group, community or a specific action and behavior.The conversion of wild habitat to agricultural land reduces fish and wildlife through erosion and sedimentation, the effects of pesticides, removal of riparian plants, and the diversion of water.The plant diversity in and around both riparian and agricultural areas should be maintained in order to support a diversity of wildlife.Like any report, the subject of respect for others' property should be well researched and thought about before the writing process begins.Research helps the writer enter the writing process with a sufficient amount of knowledge that makes her task easier and allows her writing voice to flow onto the page effortlessly.Salinity has become a problem wherever water of even relatively low salt content is used on shallow soils in arid regions and/or where the water table is near the root zone of crops.Tile drainage can remove the water and salts, but the disposal of the salts and other contaminants may negatively affect the environment depending upon where they are deposited.


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