Essay Relationship Between Mother Daughter

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Even though Loretta never saw her mother again, she thinks about her.Like Loretta, Gordon never let her problems with her mother (or her father) get in her way. “Simulation and the Authentic Self: Issues of Identity in Works by Flannery O’Connor and Mary Gordon,” Flannery O’Connor Review 3 (2005): 39-48.She saw those relationships as obstacles to be overcome. (“Mother daughter relationship in Mary Gordon's Cleaning Up (short Essay”, n.d.) Retrieved from “Mother Daughter Relationship in Mary Gordon' S Cleaning Up (short Essay”, n.d. Comparing ‘Only Daughter’ and ‘Mother Tongue’ In a way it may be observed that though Amy Tan and Sandra Cisneros havehad distinct origins in terms of nationality, culture, language, and general environment in which they were brought up, the readers of ‘Mother Tongue’ and ‘Only Daughter’ by the respective authors may recognize significant points of similarity.In “Simulation and the Authentic Self: Issues of Identity in Works by Flannery O’Connor and Mary Gordon,” Diane Prenatt writes, “But both Gordon’s and O’Connor’s characters enact the necessity of owning one’s secrets, especially those that are ‘very important’ to a sense of self, that shape an identity” (47).Prenatt means that even if you don’t let everyone in on why you are the way you are, it is still important to know it for yourself.“Cleaning Up” is, in parts, consistent with Gordon’s life.In the story, Loretta attains the same level of education that Gordon currently has.Her mother has taught her lessons about working for what you receive; therefore, Loretta never bathes for fear that she would be “putting herself in the camp of the Lavins’ children” (p. Although she doesn’t like children, she makes an effort to engage herself in play with the oldest child, John Lavin, as her way of “pa[ying] her board” (p. She knew her mother would have expected this of her.Although it is never written that the Lavin family is anything but accommodating during Loretta’s stay, Loretta constantly feels like an outsider.Loretta’s “violation” of John Lavin at the end of the story was for her mother, so to speak.The story ends with Loretta wishing she could tell her mother what she’d done.


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