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The above selected images reproduced by kind permission of the Estate of Samuel Beckett c/o Rosica Colin Limited, London.© Beckett International Foundation, University of Reading Something else, or someone else: midway through the first act, Pozzo and Lucky appear.

The above selected images reproduced by kind permission of the Estate of Samuel Beckett c/o Rosica Colin Limited, London.© Beckett International Foundation, University of Reading Something else, or someone else: midway through the first act, Pozzo and Lucky appear.

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Beckett was a great admirer of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, and in fact a 1915 film of Chaplin’s, , includes a scene in which Chaplin’s character, bowler-hatted and shabbily suited, much like Beckett’s tramps, stops along a dusty road to eat lunch beside a tree.

The blend of misfortune and comedy that typically besets Chaplin’s Tramp clearly has a parallel in Beckett’s work, as does the plight of a character who is forced to exist as an itinerant and an outcast.

Under the fragmented information left by Beckett, the theme that one cant just sit around and wait, emerges to the surface.

Another theme, which is free to be taken when this play is dissected, is the mockery made of religion.

But the sentimentality Chaplin indulged in is completely absent in defies traditional dramatic structure, in which backstories reveal the causes of the crisis the audience watches unfolding before them, and which are resolved at the play’s conclusion.

We know nothing about Vladimir and Estragon other than that they sleep in ditches, that Estragon is beaten at night by violent gangs, and that he might have once been a poet – ‘Isn’t that obvious? Additionally, we know that they are waiting for Godot.Through the disorganized rubbish left by Samuel Beckett, the themes that one can not just sit around and wait, and the idea that religion is a joke, emerge in Waiting for Godot.The main theme that is uncovered under the ambiguous dialogue of the play, is that one can just sit around and wait, one has to become self sufficient.In other words, the time spent by Vladimir and Estragon is a waste because they have made no progress from their original starting point.Even though they are given the help, facts, and the answers ...When it comes to who is doing the waiting, we know more.Vladimir and Estragon, or Didi and Gogo, are tramps that meet each day by a solitary tree (the sole piece of set dressing stipulated in the play script) to wait for a man called Godot.Throughout the play Vladimir and Estragon are awaiting, "with nothing to do," for the arrival of a person with the name Godot, so he can give them the answers to the "reasons unknown," as Lucky puts it.Vladimir and Estragon do not go out looking for Godot at all nor will they do anything that will relocate them, in fear that they might miss Godot's answers and their world would stay "unfinished." Evidently this "person," does not show up at all, even though Godot's messenger, the boy, tells Vladimir and Estragon that Godot will show up tomorrow.Lucky is harnessed by a rope around his neck and carries a large bag, a folding stool, a picnic basket and a greatcoat.Behind him comes Pozzo, holding the other end of the rope and a whip.


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