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He was determined to raise the social consciousness of his audience while emphasizing the use of language.

Shaw portrays this through Higgins and Eliza in Pygmalion who are at the opposite ends of society.

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While reading Pygmalion, I was fascinated by the intricate details of language and how it affected the identity of Eliza.

Realizing that language and identity were somehow connected in Pygmalion, I dove deeper into this issue and researched the effect of language on the social identities of Eliza and Henry Higgins.

Social judgment based on linguistics is evident in the way Eliza speaks and immediately Higgins places her in a lower social position than his and considers her as an inferior.

Thus we see how Shaw critiques social discourse, nature of inequality in itself and the superficial issues of his time.

Shaw’s new presentation of Eliza positions the readers to consider if her new ‘personality’ is truly capable of holding her self up in front of contrasting people, Shaw offers multiple and descriptive character directions as an effective technique to add depth and allows people to understand how the characters are truly reacting to the incredibly awkward situation.

Directions such as ‘impulsively’, ‘suddenly’, ‘lamentably’, ‘startled’ and descriptions such as ‘a long painful pause ensues’ truthfully reveal the nature of the situation, as incredibly unnatural.


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