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Consider A consider question is asking fro reflections on the different options/alternatives that may exist to resolve / solve / defeat or possibly correct the problem that has been posed.Define When asked to define it is essential that a very clear and correct definition is given of a specific word or concept.

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Students are expected to present a reasoned case for the existence of something.

For example: Account for the rise in unemployment shown in the table of data.

It is a neutral request to present a detailed picture.

For example: Describe the main roles of the IMF and the World Bank.

Discuss Asks students to consider a statement or to offer a considered review of or balanced argument about a particular topic.

For example: Discus the view that trade is more effective than aid in promoting economic development.

How A how question requires the details be explained about how something is achieved or has been stopped or whatever other exercise the question is asking you to perform.

Justify A justify question is asking a student to explain the reasons why or for what reason something is happening or maybe not happening.

For example: Define what is meant by a free-trade area.

Describe Asks students to provide a description of a given situation.


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