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Moreover, he told me that none of my professors would view me as lazy for making such a request, as they all understood the pressures faced by students.Secondly, simply vocalizing our problems can help to put them in perspective.

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This is an excellent way to learn your true writing ability before test day. We all face difficult problems in life, and everyone has their own approach to handling them.

When I am dealing with a serious dilemma, my preferred solution is to talk to an older and more experienced person about it.

An individual may be successful in challenging their prejudicial behavior through various methods such as developing more ethical and moral actions.

Society can become more conscious about prejudice through recognition of discriminating prejudicial viewpoints, actions to change these perceptions, and increasing exposure to a stereotyped group or individual.

By first recognizing and acknowledging that prejudicial behaviors exist, an individual can then take initiative to further educate themselves on the issue and ultimately reduce their prejudicial beliefs they may have towards others through various methods.

Taking a course on ethnic diversity or equality, for example, can be a form of education.According to findings, “education reduces prejudice, regardless of what particular courses you take” (Sidanius ). Our service has gathered many expert writers who are knowledgeable in different spheres.Gaining more knowledge and insight about a specific issue can aid in helping an individual challenge existing beliefs. All of them have graduated from higher educational affiliations and attained a certain level of proficiency.In adult life, you constantly need to solve various problems — career, family, money, and others.Therefore, it’s better to boost your problem solving skills now, when you are still studying. One of the stages of settling the issue is analyzing it thoroughly.There are two reasons why I feel this way, which I will explore in the following essay.First of all, most of the problems people have are not particularly special and there are many individuals who have already dealt with identical issues.The initial step which is an important part in reducing prejudice is the willingness of an individual to educate themselves about stereotypes and prejudicial behaviors existing in society.By challenging their social norms through more awareness and education, an individual may change existing viewpoints positively.Therefore, when we have a crisis, there is always an older person in our life who has gone through the exact same thing.Not only that, but they have lived with the consequences of the actions they took to deal with it.


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