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something." It is important to note, that Zira had returned to Earth's past aboard the Icarus, and not Brent's ship, even though the Icarus' terminal never indicated a year of 3955 on-screen.

Reconciling the two conflicting dates is virtually impossible (though in the 2017 essay anthology Bright Eyes, Ape City: Examining the Planet of the Apes Mythos, Joe Dilworth suggests that Brent’s date-meter, though faulty, could have been salvaged by Milo to replace that from Taylor’s water-logged ship).

Filmmakers often employ audience surrogates, or characters that the audience can identify with, as a device to sway their viewers into rooting for a certain side.

This is especially the case in the science fiction genre, where certain fantastical or philosophical concepts may be harder to grasp.

When speaking with his dying comrade, he indicates that the year is 3955 – more than twenty years prior to the events from Planet of the Apes.

This year is again referenced in the second sequel, Escape from the Planet of the Apes. Zira confesses that the date meter on the ship she was one read, "...thirty-nine fifty...

The police muster all their forces to try to stop them, even as Will rushes to try to help Caesar.

Climactic Moment: The overall conflict ends and Ceasar reaches his goal in the one-two punch of Buck’s taking out the helicopter and then the apes all arriving at the Redwoods.

When Will’s Alzheimer’s-ridden father gets into an altercation with the nasty neighbor, Caesar attacks the neighbor in defense of the father—and bites off the man’s finger.

He is taken away from Will and sent to an ape “sanctuary,” where he must both adapt to the harsh lifestyle and the company of other monkeys.


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