Essay On World War 2 Homefront

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Americans were issued books of stamps for key items such as gasoline, sugar, meat, butter, canned foods, fuel oil, shoes, and rubber.

No purchase of these commodities was legal without a stamp.

These posters were used to motivate workers to increase their production at work and in the home to create and conserve supplies for their soldiers overseas.

The posters here are presented in color, each explained in a short excerpt.

Report broken link If the spirit of America were killed, even though the Nation's body and mind, constricted in an alien world, lived on, the America we know would have perished.

-Franklin Delano Roosevelt, from his third Inaugural Address Learn More...

Groups such as the Boy Scouts led scrap metal drives.

Consumer goods like automobiles and refrigerators simply were not produced.

Beautifully designed and stocked with images and information, this is a site to see!

Report broken link Produce for Victory The Smithsonian Institution has put together a virtual exhibition of wartime posters found throughout the American homefront during the Second World War.


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