Essay On Washing A Car

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Most people tend to skip the first step because they think that it’s a waste of water.My mother is a prime example, but what most people don’t understand is how miscible grease is with dish washing liquid.What’s even more disturbing is that someone will have to wash those filthy plates , in this case the victim is me. Firstly, washing dishes takes too much time when doing it properly. My mother, however, needs just needs about fifteen minutes when she rarely washes the plates. There is a procedure that I follow when washing dishes.

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This list is provided by Robert Andre, the president of Car Wash College™, a school offering numerous courses for training carwash managers and owners/operators in management, investment, repair and maintenance solutions.

Abrasion: A general wearing away of a surface by constant scratching, usually due to the presence of foreign matter such as dirt, grit or metallic particles in the lubricant. Absorbent filter: A filter medium primarily intended to hold soluble and insoluble contaminants on its surface by molecular adhesion.

Diner has been served and bellies filled, the nightmare begins. “ I am just getting off the millions of germ’s mom” and it would go on and on.

The kitchen sink is now filled with dirty dishes, grease, ungulable pieces of food, dirty pots and utensils ,such a disturbing sight to witness. There are so many other important things I could have done with the forty five minutes , play basketball , watch smallville, continue uncompleted homework , sleep , a never ending list of things.

Adhesive wear: Often referred to as galling, scuffing, scoring or seizing.

Essay On Washing A Car

It happens when sliding surfaces contact one another, causing fragments to be pulled from one surface and to adhere to the other. Device which pushes air (blows) over a vehicle to remove water and help the drying process.

As my window was closing I heard her complete the legal warning in a more muffled tone with the words, "...because it’s so cold outside." My mind started racing - and with it, my atrial fibrillation. I’m headed for the final frontier - a mechanical frozen tundra.

I checked my seat belt, and cell phone, anticipating what’s next. Would a high pressure sprayer, or vacuum be my ultimate fate?

Would the doors freeze up – locking me out for the rest of my morning errands? But if the place is open, and other fools before me are taking the risk, what’s the worst that could happen?

The closer I got, the more I questioned my judgment.


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