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Kaikeyi is seen to be malicious as she convinces her husband to exile Rama the elder son for her son to get a chance for inheritance.

Ravana is seen to be promiscuous as he has his eye on Sita who is not his wife. She is seen to be spiteful as she tells her brother of the beautiful Sita knowing his nature.

In summary, the movie's plot it begins with the part in the written text where prince Rama goes into exile.

This exile was a request from Kaikeyi who happened to be the King's or Rama's father most beloved of his many queens.

This world views holds that man is not governed by moral values rather by taboos which are not to be broken.

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Looking at the modern version we see that infidelity which Rama suspected of Sita results in one being thrown in flames.She does this for selfish and greedy reasons which were to ensure her son who is younger that he would get his fathers inheritance.There is also the theme of betrayal whereby the king betrays his son Rama by believing Kaikey her favorite wife to exile his son and her wife Sita.This earned her fame and favor with the king and hence her wises were immediately executed by the king without question.Kaikeyi also had a son and ultimately her request was due to the fact that she wanted her son to earn more favor with the king in expense to the elder son who was Rama.(John 2003) Both of the two written or ancient and visual or modern texts have different views concerning the Rama, Sita and other characters.Rama is seen as a very courageous and principled person in that after he is exiled he respectfully heeds to his fathers will and goes away with his wife.Both of the two written (ancient) and visual (modern) texts that is The Ramayana of Valmiki and view Sita Sings the Blues compare and contrast in very many ways.They are similar in some aspects and different in other aspects.He is also traditional in that he believes that in throwing the wife into the flames he will be able to be sure of her fidelity.Both of the two written or ancient and visual or modern texts also show Rama's courage whereby he goes to rescue his wife.


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