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Still he loved them, gave due respect and allowed them to stay in his house. Jagan was unwilling to finance a huge amount of money for Mali’s establishment of story-writing machine.It was too much for Jagan when Grace announced to him that Mali and Grace had been living together without being married; nor was Mali willing to marry her.Mali, his son who returned from America with a half-American half-Korean girl whom he reported as his wife and later said he never married, had been something of a sensation disturbing the placid waters of Malgudi. Sundaram: Twelve of the thirteen chapters of the book deal with Jagan, a widower nearing sixty.

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The tragedy is that when he lost his wife, he lost also any affection that his son might have had for him.Jagan, a college-educated man in the late fifties has made a success of his sweet shop.Though he grew quite rich as a sweet-vendor, his main interest and concern was his only son, Mali.From different generations and different cultures, father and son are forced to confront each other, and are taken by surprise . As part of East-West conflict, one can notice the conflict between spirituality and materialism in all the novels of R. Spirituality, the hall mark of the Indians started to ebb from people’s way of life. The present novel is the tenth set in Malgudi and introduces yet another engaging hero, a man beset and beseiged by the younger generation and the transplanted (and transformed) ways of the West. Narayan entered the American scene with his Financial Expert, a businesslike title that concealed a book of outwardly simple but profound humor, rooted in Hinduism and Indian culture.He thought that a period of jail might be good for the young man.Jagan is the most vibrant character of the novel from the first page to the last.Jagan was very proud of his son but he had no control over him. Mali’s letters from America only added Jagan’s worries. Jagan could not use tooth brush as he feared that its bristles were made of pig’s tails.was always in his hand and he read it whenever he was free.


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