Essay On The Teaching Of English Pronunciation

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Pronunciation is also an issue for listening because of the way that words that are pronounced one way when said in isolation can sound quite different when they are part of a sequence.In this essay I posit that the Japanese method of pronunciation is a major barrier to effective communication in English.The fear of speaking English with a Japanese accent is a large factor in why Japanese learners of English lack confidence in their oral communication ability.Students who have never been abroad however, have often only encountered spoken English within their classroom learning environment and therefore their pronunciation is marked by a distinctive Japanese accent.Being self-conscious of one’s accent can make a student reluctant to speak, especially in the presence of native English speakers.My own students kept using ‘Festival’ to start their essays.I couldn’t work out why and until they explained that it was the way I started any instructions I gave them in class. What I’d been saying was ‘First of all’ but because of their poor pronunciation they completely misheard what I was saying.Robin Walker is a freelance teacher, teacher educator, and materials writer.He has been in ELT for over 30 years, and regularly collaborates with Oxford University Press and Trinity College London.But pronunciation is also about listening; it is not enough to recognise a word in writing, because if you don’t know how it’s pronounced you won’t recognise it when listening to someone using the word.Spanish learners of English can fail to recognise the word ‘average’ even though it is spelt the same way in both languages.


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