Essay On The Role Of Women In The Pakistan Movement

Where birth of a boy is enjoyed as he is considered as the asset for the family.Due to narrow cultural practices she becomes victim of superstitions and psychological disorders.In order to become a progressive nation Pakistan needs to improve the status woman. Woman is considered inferior to man in every phase of society.Woman is considered inferior to man in every walk of the society.She is not only victim of poor health but also of harassment and honour killing. A common woman works in his house from dawn to the dusk, but all this physical activity contributes nothing to the economy. If she is forced to work to meet her both ends, she is paid peanuts.Furthermore, she bears the brunt of all miseries in family as the poor creature is most insecure in a family.Owing to the age-old feudal culture of Pakistan she becomes the scapegoat for all atrocities.At the end of the day she taunted of being sitting idle in home. Even if a middle class woman determines to earn bread for her family she faces immense difficulties.She prefers to get a teaching job so that she can spare time for house hold works.A) Early marriages B) Karo Kari, Watta Satta, Vanni C) Superstitions Conclusion Condition of a nation is directly proportional to the condition of its women.Condition of women in Pakistan is poor as is the condition of the country.


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