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I created a simple Google Form to collect and collate reflections and feedback from my students. You could expand on this practice by creating a rating scale and using the technology to visualize quantitative data in digestible chart form.

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We all know we should be engaging in some kind of reflection after a lesson (after all, we ask our students to do it to reap the benefits of deeper learning), yet reflective practices is one of the first things that falls by the wayside when we get busy.

Aside from the confines of teacher evaluations, it’s difficult to make time for a full-blown reflective practice.

Coming from an Art and design background I found the Gibbs cycle method easy to follow since the ongoing cycle is in fact never ending.

Visually its accessible at any point and since it’s a never ending cycle of learning one of the benefits of reflective practice is that you don’t stop learning or reflecting on what you’re doing.

"Gut-level" Teacher Reflection Jennifer Gonzalez of The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast came up with a framework for 5 questions to help teachers listen to their guts about their practice: The key is to hone in on the parts of your practice that aren’t quite sitting right with you.

Gonzalez has created a free worksheet for these questions, but you can just as easily think through these questions on your commute.4.

I felt like that student who gets her essay back a month after turning it in.

Grant Wiggins talks about how feedback needs to be timely, actionable, and ongoing.

All it took was asking a colleague how he broke up his essay pile (six essays at a time), and I landed upon my own method: The Rule of Four.

Next time you’re chatting with a colleague, make a point of asking one reflective question.2.


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