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Shows sustained effort and personal growth.] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------"The South Side of Chicago is well known for its dangerous housing projects, street violence, and economic devastation.First-year students are warned by more experienced colleagues not to venture past the campus let alone explore Hyde Park's neighboring communities.Samples of Effective and Ineffective Responses to Question 88.

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Through service projects with community organizations we have built new connections between the University and the neighborhood.

Projects are diverse, from serving meals to participating in neighborhood cleanups to group tutoring, but each active member puts in a minimum of twenty-five hours of service each quarter.

Going to the center became an important complement to my academics.

In my view of an 'academic citizen,' people involved in academia should use their research and theorizing to create knowledge for the public good.

Working at the center was rewarding because the students appreciated my help so much, and insightful because of all they taught me.

The experience was significant because it solidified for me one of my goals in life: to become an academic citizen."[Carefully presented.Camp, for them, is a source of happiness, and for me, a source of strength, making me passionate about going into social justice."[Well written. Coming from a small town with a low high school drop-out rate, I was originally intimidated by the dynamics of a large city and concerned about my abilities to work with a group of teens I saw as very different from myself.But it was something I wanted to do because I’m passionate about access to education and education policy, so I made the commitment to tutor.One moment I would have to understand the dynamics of feeding Adam, a 19-year-old with a neurological degenerative disease.At the same time, I would answer the questions of Elisabeth, a 12-year-old who had slight mental retardation and was legally blind.Although I heeded this advice, I was crushed - I thought of college as a homecoming.My grandparents' 1950s apartment is still there on 53rd St. G's supermarket (of course they knew the original Mr. train platform where my father proposed to my mother. I came back to Hyde Park to stake my claim in the area that so vividly colors four generations of family history.My inexperience generated persistence and creativity on my part; I did not accept Dylan's self-imposed limits.Dylan, in turn, persisted to reach inside me and help me discover a passion for helping others.I never volunteered through my school for any activity involving disabled persons.Little did I know what would happen to me in those two summers.


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