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Anything else you need help with – like laundry or medication reminders – is usually an additional cost.Often, family members will help out to save on ADL fees by doing things like taking laundry home to wash.

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Because they're designed specifically for people with compromised memory, they are safe spaces for people to feel like they're living independent lives while still being cared for 24 hours a day.

Most assisted living facilities are considered “custodial care” by the government, and require out-of-pocket payment. However, there are other options available, including Veterans' benefits and long-term care insurance.

The number of assisted ADLs you need determines your level of care and the cost for it.

Assisted living facilities include a small number of ADLs in the base monthly cost.

They might need (or just enjoy having) some assistance with cooking, daily household tasks like cleaning and laundry, and personal care like showering – but it's like ordering from a menu… Monthly pricing for this kind of housing is based on the level of assistance you want or need.

In general, as a resident of an assisted living facility, you would live in a private living space (like an apartment or condo), and have a private bathroom and kitchen. Sometimes these places allow you to have your own car, and almost all of them provide rides to bring you where you need to go like the doctor or the store.Some people choose to move because they live alone and would be happier spending time with people every day. Every person's reason for choosing elder care is different, but one thing is true for everyone: there are many questions in this decision process, and finding the answers requires research, patience and an open mind. There are many resources to help you make this decision.In this article you'll learn about two different but similar kinds of elder care that are often confused: assisted living and nursing homes.Caregivers determine that level of help by measuring your Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).Those are daily things like eating, toileting and walking.The benefit to nursing home care is that many offer rehabilitative services, so you're able to get back to normal as quickly as possible.For people with advancing memory loss, there are memory care facilities that cater to advanced Alzheimer's and Dementia patients.Nursing homes include more ADLs in their monthly cost.Let's look at the Activities of Daily Living to see which you might need help with: Of course!You'll also enjoy a high level of socialization, with organized trips to museums, movies and more.Nursing homes offer a higher level of daily care, including everything from help getting dressed to using the restroom to getting in and out of bed.


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