Essay On Nativism In The Us

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View Publication Despite the fact that many low-wage, violation-ridden industries are disproportionately occupied by immigrants, labor standards and immigration reform have largely been treated as separate pieces of an otherwise interrelated puzzle.

Not only is this view misguided, but this paper argues that strengthening labor standards enforcement would ensure that standards are upheld for all workers, immigrant and others.

View Publication US immigration removal procedures need reform, and systematic flaws in the removal adjudication system must be addressed.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) uses every tool in its arsenal to expeditiously remove people from the United States, including by bypassing judicial hearings.

New evidence suggests that unauthorized migration across the southern border has plummeted, and border enforcement has been a significant reason for this decline.

These research advances should help to inform a more rational public debate over border enforcement expenditures.

I argue that without comprehensive immigration reform and concrete possibilities for relief, mixed-status and transnational families will continue to be divided.

Existing laws do not adequately address family life and the diverse needs of individuals as members of families, creating a humanitarian crisis both within and beyond the borders of the United States.

After discussing the context that prevents reunification among immigrant families more generally, I outline several of the particular ways that families are divided when a member is deported.

Drawing on case studies from longitudinal ethnographic research in Mexico and the United States, I describe: 1) the difficulties in successfully canceling deportation orders, 2) the particular limitations to family reunification for US citizen children when a parent is deported, and 3) the legal barriers to authorized return to the United States after deportation.


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