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According to Pliny, there is a stone in Arabia called Selenites, “wherein is a white, which increases and decreases with the moon.” My journal for the last year or two, has been in this sense.

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Every plant and field and forest emits its odor now, swamp-pink in the meadow and tansy in the road; and there is the peculiar dry scent of corn which has begun to show its tassels.

The senses both of hearing and smelling are more alert.

I soon discovered that I was acquainted only with its complexion, and as for the moon, I had seen her only as it were through a crevice in a shutter, occasionally. Suppose you attend to the suggestions which the moon makes for one month, commonly in vain, will it not be very different from anything in literature or religion? What if one moon has come and gone with its world of poetry, its weird teachings, its oracular suggestions — so divine a creature freighted with hints for me, and I have not used her? Such a man, one would say, would never look at the moon, because she never turns her other side to us.

The light which comes from ideas which have their orbit as distant from the earth, and which is no less cheering and enlightening to the benighted traveller than that of the moon and stars, is naturally reproached or nicknamed as moonshine by such. Well, then do your night-travelling when there is no moon to light you; but I will be thankful for the light that reaches me from the star of least magnitude.“The light of the day takes refuge in their bosoms,” as the Purana says of the ocean. A distant cliff looks like a phosphorescent space on a hillside. These small fractions of her light remind one of the plant called moon-seed — as if the moon were sowing it in such places.In the night the eyes are partly closed or retire into the head. The walker is guided as well by the sense of smell.It is your responsibility to check the applicable copyright laws in your country before downloading this work.Chancing to take a memorable walk by moonlight some years ago, I resolved to take more such walks, and make acquaintance with another side of nature: I have done so.Stars are lesser or greater only as they appear to us so.I will be thankful that I see so much as one side of a celestial idea — one side of the rainbow — and the sunset sky.Are we not tempted to explore it — to penetrate to the shores of its lake Tchad, and discover the source of its Nile, perchance the Mountains of the Moon?Who knows what fertility and beauty, moral and natural, are there to be found?Men talk glibly enough about moonshine, as if they knew its qualities very well, and despised them; as owls might talk of sunshine.None of your sunshine — but this word commonly means merely something which they do not understand — which they are abed and asleep to, however much it may be worth their while to be up and awake to it.


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