Essay On Load Shedding Of Electricity In Karachi

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It needs to be studied in detail so solutions to it can be devised.

It needs to be studied in detail so solutions to it can be devised.

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There has also been some concern by Pakistani nuclear activists over the effect of natural disasters on nuclear plants specially over the Chashma Nuclear Power Plant, since the plant lies over a geological fault.

some environmental impacts of dams such as submergence of usable/ecological land and their negative impact on Pakistan's mangrove forests due to loss of river silt load, as well as increased risk of severe floods have become evident.

The performance of these clinics and small hospitals has been affected by many social and economic disorders (such as inflation, law and order situation, quackery etc).

But the topic of influence of electricity loadshedding on medical services is comparatively new and quite neglected in studies of obstacles in health care.

But even NTDC, which is an institution of the government, does not confirm it.

Because this institution does not have the capacity for transmission and distribution of more than 18,000MW, several new institutions, including the wind power generating institutions, are not being allowed to produce the electricity more than a certain level.In spite of all claims and their rule of five years, they failed completely in generating sufficient electricity.The former CM of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif said, “Loadshedding is your problem now.” The long duration of loadshedding in the sacred month of Ramadan exposed the performance of the ruling party.For years, the matter of balancing the country's supply against the demand for electricity had remained a largely unresolved matter.The country faced significant challenges in revamping its network responsible for the supply of electricity.The increasing loadshedding in Karachi is having adverse effects on almost all walks of life but a major impact is visible in the provision of primary health care services.The population of Karachi has reached about 18 millions.Privately owned independent power producers generated 53% of the country's power in FY2016.During 2010 Pakistan floods and 2005 Kashmir earthquake power stations, power distribution and transmission and other energy infrastructures were damaged.Economic Survey 2017-18 unfolds that Pakistan's installed capacity to generate electricity has surged up to 29,573MW by February 2018 which stood at 22,812MW in June 2013, showing the growth of 30 percent.Mangla Refurbishment Project is under construction wherein the generating units of Mangla Hydel Power Station will be refurbished by closing down one tunnel (two generating units) at a time.


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