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Managers create cross-functional teams to organise activities around work processes instead of functional departments.This removes horizontal boundaries in the organisation.

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It makes use of experiences of managers to meet its strategies needs.

Learning organisations are associated with internal renewal of the organisation in the face of competitive environment.

A learning organisation remains flexible and unstructured.

Employees cooperate in performing organisational activities. Members share information throughout the organisation — across functional areas (horizontal boundaries) and organisational levels (vertical boundaries).

The organisation design is not limited to horizontal, vertical or external boundaries.

Horizontal boundaries create departments and vertical boundaries create organisational levels and hierarchies.Need for bosses or direct supervisors gets reduced.Managers facilitate, support and advocate employee teams rather than direct them. Information sharing: Information facilitates learning. In a learning organisation, employees learn by sharing information (knowledge management).This leads to extensive information sharing amongst members.People discard old ways of thinking and develop new ways of working. There are continuous innovations in information and computer technologies. Coulter Organisations operate in the dynamic environment.In double-loop learning, when errors are detected, their correction involves change in objectives, policies and standard routines.Double-loop learning challenges old assumptions and norms and provides opportunities for alternative solutions to problems leading to dramatic improvement in the organisation structures and designs. It focuses on issues within the scope of the organisation.Organisational policies also encourage learning amongst members.5.Shared vision: Leaders of learning organisation facilitate shared vision in the organisation.


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