Essay On Importance Of School In Child'S Life

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In order to increase the individual and social life quality, all human beings need education from the very first time they come to the world.

Even though people can improve themselves, they definitely need someone else to get an education.

The fact that technology is developing at untraceable speed has made us witness the great changes in a short time.

Years ago, we couldn't imagine that technologies such as smartphones and tablets could be produced.

What is important is the ability to use intelligence in the right jobs, effectively.

At this stage, the personality traits and habits of the individual come into play. Studies show very clearly that 65% of the children's personality development is in the 0-6 age range.Therefore, from school and lectures, cooling, lack of interest, escaping and as a result academic failures can occur.As you can see, education is always intertwined with internal and external elements.Such behaviors can lead to social exclusion or various psychological pressures.Confronted with such a situation, the child may experience loss of self-confidence, discomfort from the environment and a desire to move away.Example: A child, who has always been spoiled by family members and who has always been wanted, has difficulty accepting that all his wishes cannot be fulfilled when he starts school.The child, who has to face reality at once, can show anger, aggression or vice versa.In order to keep up with this rapid change, it is clear that children should go through a proper and effective educational process.Every parent wishes his child to be a useful individual for himself/herself and for the environment.We have created two different titles to better understand the subject and to help each parent do its part.These topics are: When we examine these topics, we will contribute to both our own education and the education of our children.


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