Essay On Health Is Wealth In Kannada

Essay On Health Is Wealth In Kannada-23
On the other hand, money is a forced – demand of life.Unlike money, health is something that you will only earn if you are persistent and disciplined.

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These Are The Reasons Why Health Is More Important Than Wealth Health without further argue is the most amazing blessing a person could get.

Of course, living a healthy life is not too easy as you need to always look up for your health frequently.

You are blessed to have a good health and decent wealth, but imagine one day you own everything, and health ain’t one.

Should you remember all these would impact your loved ones too.

Because believe it or not, in the world we live today almost everything required money to ‘run’, even in a chump amount.

Without wealth too, you would one day bound in tight money life, mortgages, loans and debts if you don’t find wealth as important.

Writing one essay on each Sunday will help you get better marks in this paper.

Health is what a person needed the most in the world to strive for great wealth and future. And wealth is what a person needed the most to provide comfort and stable productivity. We have to agree that these two are essentials on maintaining a great life-living balance.

In conclusion, health matters more and brings something that wealth would not able to, it is relaxation and happiness.

Trust us, health would never be tiring and fatigued you like wealth does.


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