Essay On Dream

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People had more free time and that let them spend their pastime as they liked.The best entertainment of that time may be called reading.

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Essay On Dream

In “The Sand Man” the mother and the nurse of the principal character inspired him to look for the creature and, to some extent, they are also guilty in the tragedy that happened when boy was waiting for the sand man. “Frankenstein: Case Studies in Contemporary Criticism” (2000) E.

The circumstances may vary but the corner stone of the plot remains unchangeable: a character fights against supernatural forces in abnormal situations. Both of them are not generally accepted by people: Gluck creates music that other people do not appreciate and they avoid it and Frankenstein is a monster that only frightens people and is alone in this world as well as the musician Gluck.

Naturally, this type of novels became very interesting and popular among readers and many authors sharpened their skills in writing such works. I think they are both alone and the only difference between them is that the isolation of Gluck is caused by his inner world, his desire to create his own not ‘very popular’ music, and the isolation of Frankenstein is caused by his outer traits, by his appearance.

Light, feeling, and sense will pass away; and in this condition must I find my happiness.” Thus, we can find a lot of common moments in works of Mary Shelley and E. That is why I can make a conclusion that the dream, the ideal do not correspond with the severe reality in works of M.

Ever since I was a child I dreamed of becoming a successful woman. I believe knowledge is the utmost valuable tool for life, therefore going to college and getting an education, a master’s degree, will give me great knowledge.


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