Essay On Discipline In The Military

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Military discipline is the regulation of behavior of military members.

They are required to exhibit high levels of discipline both within their workplace and outside it.

People are able to trust each other in their entire operations hence deliver army services with the required level of confidence.

Trust ensures that all members forming the army effectively believe in each other’s actions and there are no existing doubts in the delivery of their services.

Communication within the army is a key tool to the prosperity of the army as it ensures that all the enemy areas are covered and the entire army is acting on the safe side.

Open communication within the army ensures that there is a required level of internal peace and the promotion of effective service delivery within the army.

It ensures that the army is recognized as a single unit with common goals.

Thus, discipline ensures that all members work together as a team aimed at protecting the country from external and internal invasion.

The army can succeed only in cases where sound teamwork in the conduct of operations is created.

It cannot succeed in cases where all members are divided and unable to work towards a common objective.


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