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The colleges are expected to address accessibility related issues as per the stipulations of the Persons with Disabilities Act 1995, and ensure that all existing structures as well as future construction projects in their campuses are made disabled friendly.The institutes should create special facilities such as ramps, rails and special toilets, and make other necessary changes to suit the special needs of differently-abled persons.

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The construction plans should clearly address the accessibility issues pertaining to disability.

Guidelines on accessibility laid out by the office of the Chief Commissioner of Disabilities.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities(CRPD) marks a new era.

It affirms the dignity and human rights of all persons with disabilities,rejects the link between ability and impairment and connects development of society’s norms,policies and laws to the struggles against injustice faced by people with disabilities.

In addition to the procurement of assistive devices through these schemes, the higher education institute may also need special learning and assessment devices to help differently-abled students enrolled for higher education.

In addition, visually challenged students need Readers.Well-organized inclusive ECD programmes for young children with disabilities can provide parents with more time to engage in productive work and enable girls and boys with disabilities to attend school. s non-profitable nature and secular credentials, as proved by A�eighteen years A�track record of achievements in the chosen areas, makes it imperative to re-dedicate to the cause of the needy and poor in society.Approaches combining centre-based programmes and parenting interventions,including home visiting programmes,may help parents and professionals to detect developmental delays early,improve children’s development,prevent abuse and neglect,and ensure school readiness.(Humanity) is a voluntary organization (registered charity in India, UK and USA) with a standing of selfless service and social outlook. It is being moulded as a common platform for many enthusiastic youth and social service organizations, spread across continents, to share and interact in the field of service to the humanity. s volunteers in: Share ideas / eat healthy / help people around / keep encouraging and promoting best practices and values by following yourself / take up the initiatives to improve and reform your own place / spare some of your time for society / promote values in your duty / save environment by recycling etc.But mere ‘ lip service’ may have very little effect on the lives of disabled persons.In reality, not much has been done to make the theme translate into reality.A�All children with disabilities have the right to develop “to the maximum extent possible.These instruments recognize the importance of focusing not only on the child’s health condition or impairment but also on the influence of the environment as the cause of underdevelopment and exclusion.It has been felt that differently-abled persons need special arrangements in the environment for their mobility and independent functioning.It is also a fact that many institutes have architectural barriers that disabled persons find difficult for their day-today functioning.The first three years of a child’s life are a critical period.They are characterized by rapid development particularly of the brain and thus provide the essential building blocks for future growth,development and progress.


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