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This is to promotes advanced study an training in different forms of dances and music.

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Music, dance and drama have been an integral part of Indian religion and secular life.

Indian dances are not simply a things of legs and limbs but of the whole body and soul.

When man’s soul urges and inner drives are expressed in rhythmic body movements, it is called dance.

Man is destined to dance his way to higher and still higher levels of consciousness and evolution.

Dance is a series of movements and steps that match the speed and rhythm of music. The dances of India are an expression of an ancient civilization.

It is an artistic accompanied by gestures and expressions which explain the theme contained in the music. Dance in India has an unbroken tradition of over 2000 years. They are not simply them movement of legs and arms but of the whole body.many dance troupes exhibit this skill in India and abroad and win laurels.We should consider dance as an art and a part of our cultural heritage.The aesthetic foundations of Indian dances are laid on the rock foundations of spiritual sadhana. His Tandava reflects his violent nature as a stern judge and upholder of justice and righteousness.Lord Shiva, the Natraj, is said to be originator of dance. He dances, both in sorrow and joy, as the god of rhythm and movement.Sangeet natak akademi gives financial assistance o f culture institutions.It also aware fellowships to scholars performers a teachers.One can dance alone or with a partner or in a group. Its themes are derived from mythology legends and classical literature. Most of the classical dances were first conceived and nurtured in the temples. Classical dance forms are based on ancient dance discipline. Indian classical dances follow the principles and rules laid down by Bharat Muni n his Natyashastra many ages ago. Music dance and drama have been an integral part of Indian religious and secular life. it has an underlying unity which binds the people of the country to gather.The young generation has their bent of mind towards these forms.For young people dance is only a bodily expression of joy and happiness.


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