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This gives a general outline of what an operating system probably does, thus, it can be defined based on its functionality.Farouzan & Losharraf (2008) define the operating system as a program (or a set of programs) that facilitates the execution of other programs...Role Printed Name/Title Signature Date Project Manager Business System Owner CS QA Approval Meaning of Signature – CS QA Approver Signature by the Computer Systems Quality Assurance representative 3.6 Incident Response Incident response is the method for dealing with the security of a computer system when there is an attack.

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The second category on the other hand provides services required for the development and execution of application software.

It includes programming languages, translator software, linker and loader.

And this is all done with the efficiency and reliability of being done in a real time environment.

I believe that because of its flexibility, QNX model will be adapted by other real-time operating systems in the future.

Computer system analyst first analyzes the computing needs of a business and then designs a new system or upgrades an old system to meet those needs.

The position can be split between two different people, the systems programmer and the systems analyst, but is frequently held by just one person who oversees the work from beginning to end Signature — Approvers Signature by the approvers indicates to a high degree of assurance that they have read and understood the content of the document, that they agree the document is complete and accurate, and that they support its intent.Disk usage: in this case, infected files contained on a diskette (including, on occasion, diskettes supplied by software manufacturers) are loaded, and used in a previously uninfected system thus allowing the virus to spread.2.Local Area Network: a LAN allows multiple computers to share the same data, and programs The Components of a Computer and Information Processing System In today’s world, computers are everywhere.Many people go to the estate agent for good service. These are usually successful and good for the business.Nature of the Problem Estate Agents are paid to sell houses to ", who lists in detail the steps the computer programmers must follow in order to complete a given task.Hence, this program must be superior as compared to other programs.Therefore, one might deduce that an operating system is a set of complex programs that control the computer system.It allows us to interact with the applications without getting to know the background details of what is happening with the machine.The system software provides basic functionality to the computer, controls the computer hardware and act as an interface between the user, application software and computer hardware. For this reason, most system software is strongly machine-dependent (Puntambekar & Dhotre, 2008, pg. Goel (2010) categorises the system software into two according to its functionality.Designing a Computer Based System Identify the Problem The Blue Water Estate Agent (BWEA) is situated in Finchley, North London.It has good publicity from its sponsor, Clear Blue Contact Lenses.


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