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Studies have shown that most parents who abuse their children were once abused as a child” (Funk Wagnall’s, 2006). Fifty-five percent of all children abused are neglected (“Child Abuse,” 1994).

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If a child is extremely ill-behaved, parents may resort to physical abuse to discipline their child, but when these discipline sessions become more severe and more regular, child abuse becomes an issue.

Another common cause of child abuse is a parent's alcohol or drug use. A drunk father returns home late from the bar in a horrible mood.

The final common cause of child abuse is the parent's upbringing.

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Sometimes it seems that physical punishment is the only way to get a child's attention and to help them learn their lesson.

If the child only responds to physical punishment, they do not leave the parents very many options to use when disciplining them.

While under the influence of alcohol or drugs, parents also have less control over their emotions.

This allows them to be enraged by even the smallest things, and if their child angers them, they will resort to abuse to punish their child.

Infants and preschool children are most likely to suffer deliberately inflicted fractures, burns, and bruises. Although the extent of child abuse is difficult to measure, it is recognized as a major social problem, especially in industrialized nations.

It occurs in all income, racial, religious, and ethnic groups and in urban and rural communities.


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