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You have the opportunity to confirm your point in the mind of your reader and also leave them in a place where they would be happy to read further discussions of yours.

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Methods of study, topics of study, and what to do with results have all brought moral opposition in the past.

Look for topics with a strong ethical undercurrent and attempt to address some of the concerns.

There are several divisions of biology, and it is divided based on the type of subject it is dealing with.

For example, if the study is about extinct dinosaurs, it is called paleontology.

Conduct a study on research regarding uncured problems like HIV/AIDS or cancer, or delve into major medical breakthroughs aided by biology like antibiotics or surgery.

Biology has no shortage of broad topics that can be explored to any depth desired by the researcher.

First things first—or should we say, last things last; your conclusion must sound like an ending.

If you aren’t settling the point of your essay in the mind of your reader, it just won’t sound right.

There are many fields that require the study of biology.

These fields are important for the survival of humans, animals and plants.


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