Essay On Becoming A Pastry Chef

Essay On Becoming A Pastry Chef-2
I leave from here by liking even more the cooking, the impatient person to cross the next landing, and by feeling me very happy and spread in my boss job.» Bernardo (Brazil) – restaurant ** Michelin «This internship of four months is a memorable experience in my life. I won in patience, in spite of the permanent pressure.During the training course I had to show endurance with a workload and important pressures.

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“The first few days I didn’t do nothing much just the usual simple kitchen tasks as I was still getting to know how everything works in that kitchen but as weeks passed by more and more responsibilities were bestowed on me and to cap it all off on the 25th and 31st I was tasked with the duty of coming up with the main dish of the 7 course dinners we served.

I was quite nervous about this but with my application of the things we learned in Gastronomicom school and my research I and the team had a beautiful dinner service as the food was also amazing. I improved my level of French and I understood how the kitchen works.

(…) Without the school and hotel I was in I really don’t think I would have grown as chef this fast and this effectively.” Martin (Kenya) – Hotel restaurant * Michelin “My internship was an amazing experience. Making gourmet desserts was a new skill for me and I was able to understand the creativity needed to design the best plate for the customer.

I will be able to use many aspects of my training to improve and grow my business when I get home.

» Waritsara (Thailand)-hôtel-restaurant * Michelin If you wish to have more information and to contact former trainees in cooking or cake store, manage you here: Ambassadors This interactive map lists the contacts of students of various origins, it will allow you to have a direct contact with (maybe) somebody of your country. During my internship, I acquired many of the new knowledge and techniques.

« The Japanese samurai, the Ninja or Bruce Lee, it is like how they called me! Thanks to the work and to the observation in in the kitchen, I had many inspirations.

Normally my internship was planned for 4 months but I decided to extend it of a month furthermore to acquire more experience because I want to stay in this activity sector.

I learnt a lot: of the application of my knowledge to the organization of the teamwork.

Everybody in the kitchen, there were ups and downs, but it is a unique experience in a life.

My internship is memorable and I am proud today to be able to say: ” I CAN MAKE IT “.


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