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Through notably active campaigns, trainings for local people and highlighting cultural conservation, the Adivasi Academy has achieved many positive outcomes namely major policy debates and community's self-reliance.All these show that cultural parameters can play a key role in development.

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The Adivasi community had been facing lack of access and marginalization partly due to the British colonialism; during which many cultural misunderstandings related to communities’ and tribes’ costumes occurred.A Modified version of paper published in The Indian International Centre Quarterly, Autumn 2012.I intend to present in this paper the experiments carried out at the Adivasi Academy, Tejgadh (Gujarat state, India) towards the empowerment of the Rathwa tribal community in western India and some of the nomadic communities such as Vadi and Chamtha by foregrounding the art and culture of the communities as a means to their empowerment.This paper proposes that for making any development intervention genuinely sustainable, the synchronic (material) as well as the diachronic (historical) perspectives need to be brought together.It also proposes that the sustainability of an intervention will be ensured by enhancing the community’s capability to internalize the twin perspective.This very same ‘knowledge’ formed the basis for formulating law during colonial times.The story of the communities known as ‘denotified’ is without doubt the most mind-boggling tale of inhuman collapse of compassion.Mediante la puesta en marcha de campañas activas, la formación de la población local y el hincapié en la conservación de la cultura, la Adivasi Academy ha conseguido muchos resultados positivos, en particular, importantes debates políticos y la autonomía de la comunidad.Todo esto muestra que los parámetros culturales pueden desempeñar un papel fundamental en el desarrollo.The assumption behind these experiments was that economic marginalization of a given community can be much better understood by placing the economic and issues in a comprehensive cultural perspective than by looking at them in purely economic terms.The empowerment experiments began with the belief that the strategies adopted require to situate the immediate material reality within the residual effects of histories of marginalization or discrimination.


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