Essay On 911 Terrorist Attack

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Terrorism has affected all the youths of the country, their growth and development.

It has pulled the nation many years back from the proper development.

We should make a strong policy to completely destroy its kingdom as well as removing the striking terror from the human minds.

Terrorism uses violent ways to achieve the purpose and get positive result.

Terrorism Essay written here are in very easy and simple English language.

Terrorism is the unlawful act of violence which is used by the terrorists to make people fear. It is used to threaten common public and government.Opposing terrorism has been tried by many countries however; terrorists are still getting support by someone.Terrorism is a violent act of terrifying the common public anytime in the day or night.India is a developing country who has faced many challenges in the past and currently, terrorism which a big national problem.It has faced challenges like hunger death, illiteracy, poverty, inequality, population explosion and terrorism which have affected its growth and development to a great extent.Whereas terrorists fight to fulfill their own, individual and unfair purposes.A national soldier is fully responsible for his all the responsibilities however a terrorist never do that. Earlier, terrorism was limited to some specific areas like state of Jammu and Kashmir however; now-a-days, it has spread to almost all the areas especially regions of north eastern India.Terrorism is the unlawful act done by group of people by the unofficial or unauthorized use of violence to directly create terror and fear among common people for achieving their targets including personal, social, religious, political, and ideological aims.Now-a-days people are really afraid of the terrorism and terrorists attack all time.Real soldiers never hurt common public and they fight only to save their country from the enemies.Real soldiers fight to fulfill the purpose of a nation.


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