Essay Of World Environment Day

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There are posters of natural and mild colours like green, brown and blue.

Campaigns are mainly emphasized with hoardings and images of the earth's features, such as snowy mountains, clean beaches, unpolluted rivers, and photos of natural flora and fauna, including fern leaves, are used to promote campaigns supporting the day.

There are many non-governmental organizations, community and youth groups, industry and the media participate in organizing these activities, only follow the features of the World Environment Day.

Apart from this there are also so many other abstract things which take part in the promotions for this event.

This day is marked by events where the UNEP along with Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ministers, VIPs and different organizations commit themselves to care for the Earth and its environment.

Solemn binding promises are also made which lead to the establishment of permanent governmental structures dealing with environmental management and economic planning where formal meeting of delegates are held at regular intervals.

Their rich contributions are most notable within the fields of irrigation…

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The World Environment Day is more of people's event where they themselves take an active participation for a wide range of environmental issues and to an extent it enhances political attention and action.

The most common events includes street rallies, bicycles parades, green concerts, essay and poster competitions in schools, tree planting, recycling efforts, clean-up campaigns and much more.


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