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However, if parents take adequate precautions, the severity of these negative impacts can be avoided.( This computer games essay is well-organized and it directly answers the question, with each paragraph addressing one of the tasks.Note how the topic sentences match the tasks (which have been taken from the prompt): With regards to the positive effects, playing computers games can develop children’s cognitive skills.This essay will consider the positive and negative impacts of this and discuss ways to avoid the potential negative effects.

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This may lead to increased aggressive feelings, thoughts, and behaviours.

In order to minimize these negative impacts, parents need to take certain steps.

In this essay, I will help you understand what exactly computer addiction is, its causes, symptoms and treatment options.

Computer addiction can be characterized as excessive desire to use computer that results in negative consequences emotionally and physically for the user.

Firstly, some video games are rated according their content, so parents must check this and ensure their children are not allowed to have access to games that are unsuitable.

Parents can also set limits on the length of time games are played.

Such experience will be beneficial to a child’s progression into an adult.

However, concerns have been raised about the prolific use of computer games by children, much of this related to the violence they contain.

Paying attention to the possible signs of computer addiction can help you get early support and assistance. However, when they are used extensively – they can negatively affect the daily life.

Some of the signs of computer addiction are as below – We often see people going in front of computer as soon as they get up in the morning. It may cause problems such as – lack of social interaction, emotional depression and financial consequences.


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