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As he argues, the original autographs would have contained “not merely the text as a sequence of words, but also the precise layout, spelling, and form of the words” that “generally are not recoverable from the surviving manuscripts copies of the New Testament writings” (pp. However, even if these relatively minor characteristics of the autographs are not the primary focus, Holmes insists that discerning an “original” text remains problematic because of the ambiguity of the term.Because the NT writings were often composed with the assistance of a secretary (see the example of Tertius in Rom ), the term “original text” is often used in reference to different stages in the compositional process.

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He explains that there are at least two major reasons for this.

First, “the study of the history of the transmission of the text is no longer viewed only or primarily as a means to the recovery of the original, but rather as a legitimate goal in its own right” (p. Rather than treating many of the textual variants of the NT as “detritus littering the path to the original text” (p.

Biblical scholars as well as students with an interest in NT textual criticism will find this volume to be an excellent resource.

However, those with only a limited knowledge of textual criticism may benefit from first reading an introduction to the discipline such as Paul Wegner’s is not to provide the reader with the type of overview of the discipline one might find in an introductory work, but to address the current state of the discipline while providing readers with helpful resources for further study.

Those wishing to become more familiar with the wide range of witnesses to the early state of the NT will find these chapters to be especially helpful.

The remaining essays of the volume (chapters 19–28) are concerned in one way or another with methodological issues or the objectives of the discipline of NT textual criticism.The second part of the volume assembles essays on the Apostolic Fathers. There is a particular focus on the person and writings of Polycarp, since this is the area of research where Prof. The collection of essays focuses on the twin areas of research undertaken by Prof. These are the sub-disciplines of textual criticism and the study of the Apostolic Fathers. (2005) University of St Andrews, is Professor of New Testament at Bethel Seminary (St Paul, Minnesota). (2006) Emory University, is Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at Bethel University in St. He has published the award-winning Scribal Habits and Theological Influences in the Apocalypse (Mohr Siebeck), as well as numerous articles on the textual criticism of the gospels, modern critical editions, scribal habits, the Apocalypse’s textual history and Andrew of Caesarea’s early Byzantine commentary. He has published several monographs, edited volumes and articles on the gospels, synoptic problem, non-canonical gospels and Apostolic Fathers, including The Gospel of Peter: Introduction, Critical Edition and Commentary (Brill, 2010). Eldon Jay Epp, “The Late Constantin Tischendorf and Codex Sinaiticus: New Testament Textual Criticism without Them–An Exercise in Erasure History.” 2. Jean-François Racine, “The Edition of the Greek New Testament: A Plea and a Challenge.” 5. The first part of the volume on textual criticism focuses on issues of method, the praxis of editing and collating texts, and discussions pertaining to individual variants. He has published a number of works on the Gospels and Second Temple Judaism, including Second Baruch: A Critical Edition of the Syriac Text (T&T Clark, 2009). These essays also include helpful bibliographies and enable the reader to become conversant with the recent trends in the discipline.Holmes writes that while he once understood the purpose of textual criticism to be the reconstruction of the original text of a document, he no longer holds to this persuasion.While the original edition is still less than 20 years old, there have been several notable developments in the field of NT textual criticism in recent years, impressing upon the editors of the second edition the need for an updated volume.Over the last few decades, our knowledge of ancient literary practices and the processes in which writings were produced and distributed in the ancient world has increased while a number of ancient papyri have been discovered, providing scholars with additional evidence with which to discern the state of the NT text in early Christianity. Kreinecker, “Of Fish and Men: Comparative, Text-Critical and Papyrological Remarks on Matt. Wallace, “The Son’s Ignorance in Matthew 24.36: An Exercise in Textual and Redaction Criticism.” 9.


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