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If I ever need a good laugh or cry I know I can always go to my sisters.They are not only my family but also my best friends, soulmates, role models and partners in crime.They have challenged me, loved me and made me a better person.

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They are truly two of the most beautiful people in the world, and their happiness gives me life. He knows how to give the best advice and be the better person.

Whenever I am stressed out or need advice, I can always go to my dad. He knows when I am stressed and need a reality check or when I am proud and need humbling.

I can tell her everything, and she never judges me.

She is truly an angel to my family and the best person I know.

When I think about my happiest moments in life, they all involve my family.

My relationship with my parents and siblings is something that I learn to treasure more and more every day.

Although you cannot choose your family, they are the people you can relate to the most.

They are the people who are always cheering you on and truly want the best for you. Without my dad pushing me to excel in school or my sisters forcing me to apply to Penn State, I would not be where I am today.

Now a days people just want to rent and live together but do not want or feel the need to settle down or can not come up with what it takes to settle down so not many people want to buy homes or have that “perfect family”.

Its That people are slowly understanding that a house doesn’t make a home but instead who lives with you in yout house is what makes a home.


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