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Hospital noise, at any volume level, is credited with being the primary cause of sleep deprivation, a contributing factor in delirium, and a risk factor for errors.The current pressure to reduce noise at night has been mistakenly understood to mean undue quiet at night when patients most need cues that people are around them and available if they need help.

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Lighting Eighty percent of what we interpret of our surroundings comes to us from what we see of our environment and that is greatly affected by the light available in that environment.

Lighting design in healthcare environments is a major factor in creating healing situations.

Just s lighting must be designed to serve both day and night, so much the auditory environment be designed to support activity,cognition, rest, and sleep.

Adding to the above, patients need positive visual and auditory stimulation.

The design team needs to translate the EBD into design solutions unique to the individual hospital.

According to "The Business Case for Creating a Healing Environment" written by Jain Malkin, the physical setting has the potential to be therapeutic if it achieves the following: The most important thing for inpatients at hospitals is the comfort and normalcy of having family members and friends that visit and spend time with them.

While in some respects it can be said that the concept of healing environments has evolved into EBD, it's mainly in the area of reduction of stress that this overlap occurs; as EBD goes beyond the healing environments dimension to consider the effect of the built environment on patient clinical outcomes in the areas of staff stress and fatigue, patient stress, and facility operational efficiency and productivity to improve quality and patient safety.

A 1984 study by Roger Ulrich found that surgical patients with a view of nature suffered fewer complications, used less pain medication and were discharged sooner than those who looked out on a brick wall.

Since the design of healthcare environments is said to influence patient's outcomes, yet high costs prevent most hospitals from renovating or rebuilding, changes in lighting becomes a cost-effective way to improve existing environments.

It is proven that people who are surrounded by natural light are more productive and live healthier lives.


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