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Just be careful not to use your Kleenex for real – at least, not unless you want the answers all over your face.

Writing on your hands, legs, or ankles has the unpleasant side effect of not being easily removed when your teacher asks to see them.

But, if you truly have nothing left to lose, it can be fun to see what you can get away with!

Anti-Plagiarism Tools Contract cheating — the use of essay writing services to manufacture coursework — is on the rise, along with other forms of academic dishonesty. When 13 undergraduate engineering students were booted out of the program at Australia's Deakin University in May 2016 for taking part in "contract cheating," it may have looked like just another round in institutional efforts to combat academic dishonesty, akin to reducing plagiarism or stamping out the use of term paper mills.

If you know where the exam will take place, go ahead of time and write the notes you need on the desk or the chair in front of you.

This is a great option if your classroom is left unlocked and there is no chance for passersby to see you modifying the desk like a creeper.

Whenever you need an answer, all you have to do is take a drink.

Of course, spending most of class gazing longingly at your water bottle may also make you look like a psycho.

For this creative cheating method, you write the answers on your knees or thighs.

Then, when you get stuck, you lift up your skirt to check the answer.


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